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Saif Al Jazeera was established in 1983 in Saudi Arabia and is a leading designer and supplier of lighting solutions. Our team works to provide the best and most suitable lighting solutions, with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, to meet the requirements of our customers and earn their satisfaction.

Saif Al Jazeera offers a complete range of indoor lighting products, including classic and neo-classic crystal chandeliers with the finest Italian, Czech, and Spanish models in various shapes and sizes.

In addition, Saif Al Jazeera offers outdoor lighting products such as handcrafted Eastern lanterns manufactured in Morocco, Egypt, Syria, India, and Turkey.

Moreover, Saif Al Jazeera focuses on chandeliers and lanterns for mosques through a wide range of Eastern and Islamic lanterns that suit mosques.

What are Our Services?

Our well-tested lighting solutions enrich the décor, provide visual comfort and bring relaxation.
We are always happy to communicate with our customers to discuss their ideas and translate them creatively into the best sweet


Our enormous experience in the lighting filed made us able to design both chandeliers and oriental lighting that suit the place you need while also focus on lighting distribution. Add to that our ability to manufacture any kind of design you want with the specification you require and produce it with the best material in the precise dimensions.


knowing that the maintenance of chandeliers should be done periodically , our experienced staff can maintain you chandeliers and make them as new when you bought them using the best materials


If you are confused or don’t have a good idea on what type or size of chandelier should you install, don’t worry we got you covered. We have a service free of charge were our engineers can go to your site and check what should be installed and give you a quotation with pictures and options to see what you like.


We offer you a chandelier installation service and a smart chandelier lifting system with the latest hoists. We can provide installation and maintenance services for chandeliers in your area. You can browse a wide range of chandeliers available for purchase from our online store. You can also request a custom design for chandeliers and wall sconces.


Saif Al Jazeera has nearly 40 years of experience in the lighting market in Saudi Arabia. Saif Al Jazeera is known for its good reputation and exceptional quality in the field of lighting, providing products that do not fade with time. Saif Al Jazeera’s well-thought-out lighting solutions enrich the decor, achieve visual comfort, and help to relax. Saif Al Jazeera takes care of every stage of the sale, from product selection to delivery. Saif Al Jazeera’s branches scattered throughout the Kingdom offer everything new in the world of lighting, antiques, and oriental products. The team at Saif Al Jazeera has a high degree of training and experience in the field of lighting, which they harness to meet customer requirements and satisfaction. The door is open for communication with customers, and they are happy to discuss their ideas and formulate them creatively to suit their tastes.


We at Saif Al Jazeera specialize in supplying all types of high-quality indoor and outdoor lighting with distinctive designs for those with refined tastes, at the most reasonable prices that are in line with the requirements of the era.

Thanks to our long experience in the field of lighting, Saif Al Jazeera is capable of designing chandeliers or oriental lanterns that suit the place. We also ensure coordination between the place’s shape and the appropriate distribution of lighting. In addition to executing pre-existing designs and manufacturing them to the highest quality and precision standards.

We take pride in our close relationship with customers and provide them with a summary of what we have gained from years of experience through a specialized team to make their places a world of unique visual creativity.

Creativity 70%
Design 80%
Mastering 95%
Commitment 90%


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