Our Services

maintenance:   knowing that the maintenance of chandeliers should be done periodically , our experienced staff can maintain you chandeliers and make them as new when you bought them using the best materials

Installation : Saif Al Jazira Est can install any type or quantity of chandeliers, since our experienced staff are equipped with knowledge and materials to do that. Specially the big chandeliers or great heights

Going to your Site: If you are confused or don’t have a good idea on what type or size of chandelier should you install, don’t worry we got you covered. We have a service free of charge were our engineers can go to your site and check what should be installed and give you a quotation with pictures and options to see what you like.

Plating : If you do have a chandelier or oriental lighting and you want to change its color, then you have came to right place. We can plate your chandelier and change its color to Gold or Silver or whatever color you want.