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  1. Karcy says:

    So cruel! When I first heard the report of what hapndpee, it took my breath away. Thanks Music Maroc for stopping by and sharing your feelings. The judge in this case should use Dharun & Molly as examples! They should both get 5 years in prison for what they wrought on Tyler!

  2. Adelphia says:

    Oh yes, wasn’t a &#22#0;love&28281; but I went to prom with him and then his little brother showed up on the cover of my People magazine. I was the only person that didn’t watch The Bachelorette. I went to prom with Ed, as in Jillian and Ed’s brother. I, totally had to find him on FB. Even after 20 years, our discussions felt exactly the same. So weird and such a reminder to trust your heart.

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  4. In my day I have voted against Louis Stokes, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and Dennis Kucinich. My given name is Kenneth, but for the purpose of this particular exercise one may call me Cnut. It's more illustrative. 😉

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  6. Please, please, please can anyone remember how “No animals were harmed in the making of this crossword ” was clued. It was pure genius and, I’m sure, hard compiling work. DA, do you have this clue hanging around?Where do all the clues go . . .?

  7. Time Square a l’air plutot c’est vrai. Prague me tente pas mal, je connais la ville en temps normal mais a Noel ca doit etre encore mieux. Londres, je l’ai fait l’an dernier et le feu d’artifice est vraiment bien!

  8. Hmmm… sounds suspiciously like Mel Gibson and Michael Richards after their little “slip” of the tongue! WOW! The J-word, the N-word, and now the F-word… I wonder how many ?-words do I have to make sure that I avoid?!?

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  35. I used to teach water aerobics and always felt the exact same way. I would dread it all morning (it was a lunch time class) and then always thing how silly I was afterwards. I think it’s because I was always afraid I would run out of things to have them do. Hmm I don’t know! I’m so sorry you had a rough morning!

  36. Everyone is talking about what people at the university did or didn’t do but what about this guy’s family? What responsibility do his parents and sister have?Helen, is it possible for someone like this to coe out of a “normal” family?

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  38. Hi Alex, You are so right. We have several musical children but one with an unusual gift along with some handicaps. Her music is particularly meaningful because of it. There was a time we thought we’d never hear it again and one night out of the nothingness came Franz Liszt’s Piano Sonata in B Minor and it was straight from heaven. I will never forget it.Blessings,Lisa

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  74. Oh Amy what wonderful news! God is so great!!! As we head out soon on our journey to AZ I just wanted to let you know that you and your family have forever touched our lives. We will continue to check in from time to time and only pray that we continue to hear more great news about Larkin and her stages of development as well as the progress with LP. Thank you so much for leaving such a positive spot in our hearts and in the community that we so dearly love and miss!!! Great news and big hugs to you and your family.

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